Office Supplies

We have all of the office supplies your business needs to thrive. With a nationwide supply chain reach, we offer an integrated and encompassing supply solution. That means one stop shopping for any and all of your office’s supply needs and hours of time saved.

Exceptional Customer Service

We take service seriously. (It’s literally our middle name.) Sure, we all offer free, next-day delivery. And we go one step further to offer that without minimum order quantities. But we go the extra mile. 

Need four cases of paper carried up the stairs? We do that and you’ll never hear us complain about it. Our customers come to know and love our team. Since 1925, we’ve had the same goal: build meaningful relationships and deliver exceptional service.

E-commerce Solution

We understand what companies need in order to operate.

In today’s fast-changing marketplace, you need a place you can go to find solutions, place an order and move on to your next task. You want it to be secure, fast, easy to use and efficient. And then you want your order to arrive quickly. The OSC online store does just that. 

We enter your contract pricing so you always know you are getting the best deal. We populate Quick Order shopping carts to make re-orders a breeze and we filter through the thousands of options to help you get the best bang for your buck. We know you have other things to do and sifting through 25 pages of options isn’t one of them. Connect with us so we can show you just how easy office supplies can be. 


Give us a challenge. Have something you need that you can’t seem to find anywhere else? We love a good treasure hunt. We leverage a vast network of suppliers, manufacturers and partners to find just about any office need you might have at a cost that will make you smile.

What’s Trending?

Post-it® Super Sticky Recycled Notes

  • Thoughtful colors reflect a journey of discovery, nature and self.
  • Using recycled paper supports a better future.
  • Fantastic for work or home – they stick almost anywhere and stay put.
  • 4/Pack

Glass Notepad, 2PK Marble/White

  • A sleek frameless design with professional white and marble colors.
  • Our easy-to-erase glass will not stain or ghost, which lets you write, erase and rewrite on a clean surface, every time.
  • Designed for long-term performance, these boards are built-to-last.
  • The notepads lie flat and have 4 anti-skid feet to prevent slipping while you write.

Pilot G2 Pen Stylus

  • 2-in-1 design keeps you working efficiently.
  • Ultra-smooth gel allows fluid and long-lasting use.
  • Highly accurate stylus ensures effortless navigation and writing.
  • Cushion grip stays comfortable in your hand during extended use.