Modern open plan office interior with lobby. Conference room, window, TV screen, projection screen, pendant lamps, plant, cabinet, corridor, sofa, coffee table, pillows and concrete floor. Template for copy space. Render.

Branded Items & Giveaways

Help your brand make an impression. From pens to calculators, sunglasses to water bottles or koozies to coffee tumblers, we deliver the highest quality branded items & giveaways for all of your swag, marketing and trade show needs.

Everything Your Brand Needs

Branded items and giveaways are a great way to get your company’s brand out there. But selecting, ordering and storing all of that product can be a real headache. We have a vast selection of thousands of items and design experts ready to consult throughout the selection process. Together we’ll select the items and then OSC will take care of the rest.

Excellent Service

After fulfillment, we’ll deliver your new swag to the office, to your hotel or to the golf course. Wherever you need your brand to be, we’ll help you get it there. But delivery is just half of our story. Need to know how much product you have on hand? Need something shipped to Hawaii for a trade show? We have you covered. With tools like usage reports, inventory management, stocking programs, and all manner of logistics, we can ensure that you get your order where and when you want it.