Is a Promotional Product/Apparel Company Store Right For You?

Promotional products and apparel are proven to help promote and advertise your business. In fact, 85% of people do business with the advertiser after receiving a promotional product. But with anything, there are always areas for you, as the advertiser, that can cause headaches. There are three main concerns that a Company Store can immediately help to solve:

  1. Where to Store All of your Promotional Products
  2. The Gatekeeper Effect
  3. Boost Employee Efficiency

Now let’s take a look at each of these a bit closer…

Solution #1: The Where

Having a stock room filled with all of your promotional products for your sales or marketing teams can be a hassle: loads of boxes that are falling apart, over flowing, minimal organization, and lots of wasted space.  With a Company Store at OSC, we store all of your items. They are bin located and inventory is managed for easy reporting, ordering, and shipping to you and your team wherever you need them. Which brings us to our next benefit…

Solution #2: The Gatekeeper

Instead of just anyone being able to grab items, or you having to keep them under lock and key to make sure not too many are taken, you now can grant access to the online portal for the people that need access, not just anyone that walks by the supply closet. So now you have the control to limit who and how many items are distributed. Which in turn, makes your role as what we like the call, The Gatekeeper, much easier since all of this can be managed online. No more interruptions to your day. 

Solution #3: Efficiency

The Company Store boosts employee efficiency because everything available to them is visible right in front of them online. No more emails back and forth to find out what shirt sizes are available, or digging through boxes and counting how many lanyards are left. Just quick log on, view the items and inventory available, place the order, and send it to wherever it needs to go. And an added bonus, is being able to control who also sees what – your sales team may need all of your printed literature, but not all of your corporate, expensive gifts. With a Company Store, the ease of grouping and approving items takes away another headache. Giving you and your team more time back to focus on what really matters.  

Contact us today for more information on how we can help get a Company Store up and running for you!