Top 10 Return-To-Office “Must-Haves”

The Coronavirus has certainly delayed the return-to-work plan for many businesses; however, is an end in sight? According to the New York Times, “July is the new January,” which is quickly approaching despite the sudden economic slow-down that began early last year.

Now more than ever, employers should start to brainstorm and roll out their workplace wellness strategies, so their employees feel safe when they do return to work.  Businesses should strongly consider adjusting to new expectations that their staff may have recently developed by keeping personal protective equipment on hand.  Besides, your employees do spend about one-third of their human lives occupying their workspace.  Why not make for the cleanest and safest space possible?

Depending on the risk of exposure to the Coronavirus, employers may be required to provide PPE to employees.

– Tom Spiggle, Forbes

Here are our top 10 return-to-office “must-have” items that every company should consider purchasing before reopening their doors:

  1. Air Purifiers
  2. Plexiglass & Glass Barriers
  3. Safety Signage
  4. Face Masks
  5. Touch-Free Soaps & Sanitizers
  6. Disinfecting Wipes & Sprays
  7. Gloves
  8. Hands-Free Door Pulls
  9. Personal Coffee Mugs
  10. Stylus Pens

With return-to-office on the immediate forefront, now is the best time for businesses to prepare their staff for work life post-pandemic.  Remember, Office Service Company is here to support you with the execution of your wellness strategies and to help you reopen your doors with open arms [six feet apart that is].